Who We Are

Travelling on the known path is intelligence; travelling on an unknown path is boldness. Making your own path is greatness.

The History Behind
making you Great!

The constant improvement and greatness you see now is made of a consistent ability to create new ways to make the learning process easy to understand and enjoyable.
Founded in 2014 , we have years of experience with a youthful and qualified stuff . All our tutors are studying or completed a degree in the field they tutor, they have the training and experience with all types of students to give the best extra help the student needs without having to do it multiple times.
We have dedicated ourselves to always improving both our In-person sessions as well as our Online services, we are the best in our field because we do all we can to understand the needs of our students and their goals.

The Right People In The Right Jobs

An ever evolving company requires a flexible and continuously evolving team. We hire the best tutors, moderators and facilitators to help you and your child reach the goals and heights you set out for.

We do all this by getting the right people in the right jobs so as to archive

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For all our new students we offer a FREE assessment and lesson planning meeting so as to see how we van help you and yours by outlining desired goals strategies .