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ace Who?

Created with every student in mind, Ace it! Education embodies the phrase “Success, one step at a time”. We have been able to achieve this by tutoring all major subjects since 2014, our pride and joy have came by tutoring some of the most amazing people .We always believe each student is great regardless of the start point and our tutors’ passion for helping as much as they can has made us what we are  : A group of the best tutors around.

What we offer?

Our focus is from grades 4 to 12, offering help in:





We also have specialty tutors who assist students who are struggling or have a learning impairment.

Ace it! offers one on one sessions, notes and tailored material needed to ensure  each of our student becomes great.


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Have any questions? We are always open to talk about your academics and how best we can assist on your child’s path to success.


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